Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fabafterfifty features my book!

Exciting times! After sending my book to the website Fabafterfifty, which celebrates women over fifty making the best of their lives, it featured an extract from my new book.
The website is a great resource for women over fifty or for women who want to be fabulous when they are fifty. It offers a mature outlook on different subjects, from relationships to beauty, and also real life stories on specific topics.

It’s wonderful to fully understand women’s perspectives on aging and how it is a difficult process for them and for us men. We both champion our sexes but understand the importance of the opposite sex.

Ceri is an inspiring woman who has aged gracefully and beautifully, a perfect role model for all over 50’s. Ceri and I both agree with the quote that: “The best half of our lives and your life starts at fifty”.

Quotes that should be life rules!

Repeat after me:

I hereby swear that I will act as young as I feel.
I will not fear getting older or accept a lower quality of life simply because of a number.
I look forward to the stimulating opportunities that each day brings.
I will welcome my new freedom because I deserve it.
And most importantly... I will continue to have a great sex life and never apologise for wanting it.